Barehoof Camilla
Equine Barefoot Trimmer

Services and areas


- Maintaining your current barefoot horse
- Transition from shod to barefoot
- Caring for young, old, nervous, stressed, behavioural issued, kicker, in pain; all horses deserve healthy, balanced hooves!
- "Problem-hooves" White Line Disease, shelly or brittle hooves, sensitive soles, thrush, laminitis and more... Where there is a will there is a way! Get in contact and together we can help your horse to get rid of the problem.

I operate with a flat rate charge for a normal trim with travel cost included, within a radius of 10 miles. I am happy to travel further than that area, and the charge will then vary depending on location and number of horses to trim. I will do my best to arrange trim visits in the same area to keep travel costs low for you.

In the event of an appointment lasting longer than the normal 50 minutes, additional charge applies.