Barehoof Camilla
Equine Barefoot Trimmer


Here you can read what existing clients and owners have to say about my work.

"Incredibly pleased with Camillas trimming on my horses! Camilla is thorough and skilled and she gives the time it takes for the horse. She talks me through what she is doing when trimming, and gives recommendations if needed. She has a special calmness and patience that makes her cooperate well with the horses. She prefers to spend a little more time to get the horse to a calm and relaxed state, which I highly appreciate. She seems particularly interested in what she is doing, as well as being professionally competent."

-Ann-Mari B. Strand

Camilla did a great job with my 2 year old warmblood with white line disease (WLD)!   Camilla is a skilled and experienced trimmer that will spend time with each individual horse to get the best result. She is calm and patient around the horse; this gives the horse a positive experience having his feet done. I would absolutely recommend Camilla to anyone that wants a reliable trimmer with good knowledge and passion for their job!

- Erle Lunde

Camilla is reliable, accurate, calm and efficient! She has trimmed my horses for two years and they have got healthy strong hooves. I highly recommend her!!

- Monica

Camilla always has an answer to everything I ask when it comes to hooves, and my pony Freddys’ hooves are very well looked after. I am very happy and will never use any other barefoot trimmer!

- Susan H

Until now there was hardly anyone who would trim my geldings’ feet, because he was kicking and very afraid of the farrier. But Camilla’s magic horsemanship method has helped my horse become confident and relaxed and he can now be trimmed without problems.

- Kim